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Previously this company was called WiraMaster Incorporated Malaysia Holdings. Now the new millennium after the covid19 case has changed to the company name WiraMaster Groups Ltd. Australia since 2023, has been approved by a government company registered in Sydney Australia after the crisis

Malaysia SSM registration FAILED. Chairman still remains for a long time, neutral CEO, GM Appoint a new one.

WiraMaster Groups focuses on the sharia platform in the field of business throughout the Australian region, especially Malaysia, with offices in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Business matters such as those mentioned on the instructions of the central Sabah government as presented in the article, which are:

1. Development Plan Construction, Infrastructure outside and inside the city.

2. Semi-Government Central Tender Project.

3. Import-Export Business Affairs.

4. Financial Resources, Human Affairs.

5. Network Center Management, Linux Software Project.

6. Dealing with the Stock Investment Center.

7. Management of Transportation, Port and Aviation Centers.

8. Organizational Affairs, Community Association of Malaysia.

9. Management of Telecommunication Center, Multimedia.

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